At age 13 Alex built a digital platform for students. At 17 the Spaniard is CTO of Sharge, a sharing-economy platform of charging-stations for electric car users that’s partnered with Audi. The startup’s peer-to-peer network allows people to rent out charging stations in their own homes. It is a project created with a blockchain network so that anyone with a conventional plug can share electricicy with other people.

Thanks to this contest Alex had the opportunity to travel to Silicon Valley to develop his project.

When Àlex leave  school he start studing in Codeworks of Poble Nou, the most intensive programming school in Europe, developing new projects.

At 18, he is part of Internxt’s advisory board and is co-founder of his latest project FileNation, a platform that allows sending intelligent and distributed files using blockchain technology.

And he wants to continue forming in those challenges that his projects take him, and developing in topics related to Psychology “my goal in this life is to know as much as I can. When I create a project or company, I put ingredients of my personality, and these challenges help me to know more about myself. ” Values ​​related to sustainable economy, promoting social development and projects that benefit as many people as possible, self-motivation, effort, taking responsibility for their present and future, are part of Álex Sicart considered by Forbes as one of The 30 most influential teenagers in the technological field that will change the world.